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The Process of acquiring a CSCS Construction Card

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is affiliation to work in the construction industry for every role. With employers making it mandatory to have CSCS Cards for all workers on their site, it is of utmost importance to apply for it. There are various CSCS card types and CITB CSCS Operative Test suited for the needs of the applicants.

  • If one has their job role covered by any of these card types, has passed the Health Safety and Environment Test, is registered with an organisation for their constructive NVQ or SVQ courses and has completed the profiling session of the same, they are eligible for a free CSCS Card from that organisation at which they are registered.
  • The card holder is agreeable a more reliable member of the team since he is certified and this assures the employer as well as their clients that health and safety practices are not only understood but are also adhered to. This makes the need of acquiring a CSCS card a must but the candidate should be aware of two things while attempting to acquire the card,
  • one, regular checks are conducted upon the CSCS card holders either with the help of hand held scanners or by checking the central database to ensure the validity of the card,
  • Two, in the case where a person is found to be holding the wrong CSCS card type they may be asked to leave the site of operation.

How to get a CSCS Card:

Finding out the CSCS card types suitable for your qualification and experience is the prime task to apply for a CSCS Card.

You can contact the organisation that offers the certificate or book online as they offer nationwide service of the same on their website as well.

  • The candidate can choose the location of the exam centre according to their convenience which is a huge advantage of operating nationwide.
  • Next the candidate has to find out the CITB Test that is required for acquiring the card.
  • A candidate has to score 42 or more marks to be eligible to get the card.
  • For acquiring some CSCS card types, there are special CSCS course or NVQs required, the candidate has to apply accordingly and has to tick off all the criteria to be able to get the CSCS Card.

CSCS card types:

  • Red CSCS Card- experienced
  • Green CSCS Card
  • Gold CSCS Card
  • Black CSCS Card- manager
  • Red CSCS Card- trainee
  • Blue CSCS Card
  • White/Yellow CSCS Card
  • White/Yellow CSCS Card- academically qualified person
  • White/Grey CSCS Card
  • Yellow CSCS Card
  • Provisional Red CSCS Card

A CSCS Card is valid for 5 years, though the trainee cards are valid for lesser time span. There is a one year window for renewal for all the CITB CSCS card types, from 6 months prior to 6 months after that. Once the card expires, the candidate has to sit for the CITB test again and acquire the NVQ qualification again to be eligible.

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